‘Necessary Roughness’ is BACK!


photo courtesy of entertainista.com


USA has some good shows! I was addicted to Psych when it first came out and I still love it but now I might have a new vice in Necessary Roughness. The new season starts June 6th and will air on Wednesdays. I used to hate Summer TV because all of the good shows went on hiatus, but boring Summer TV seems to be a thing of the past! Finally a network has come to their senses and realized there is nothing wrong with good TV all year around! Especially seeing as how people on break have much more time to watch!


Anyway be sure to check out Necessary Roughness...its choc full of sexy people like Callie Thorne and Mehcad Brooks (the hot guy who played Tara's boyfriend Eggs on True Blood)! I know USA said "Characters Welcome" but obviously they have to be FINE characters! I'm not mad at that! Check out the promo below...get a napkin for your drool! FYI this is a sponsored post but I MEAN WHAT I SAY!





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