5 People Yall Need To Leave The Hell ALONE


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1. Justin Combs:
Ok his father is Diddy...so? His father is rich....so? What does that have to do with his scholarship? Justin worked HARD for that scholarship! Im sure football is not easy! He earned his scholarship fair and square and he deserves it. Let him enjoy it! I bet half the people complaining, never saw a 3.75 GPA in their life.


Furthermore, Diddy has like 5 other kids that he will have to put through college! College is not cheap so no matter how rich you are, Im sure having one of his kids receive a scholarship is a relief to him too! People get confused about rich people. Rich people have expensive upkeep. Theyre not all as rich as they seem. With all the baby mama's Diddy has, Im sure child support keeps him on his toes.


Neither Justin, nor Diddy should be penalized. They shouldn't have to give that scholarship back, give it to someone else, or do anything for anybody if they don't want to! Sean Combs is rich, not Justin Combs! Let him make his own way in life, let him make his own money and be proud of what he does. If he worked at a good paying job, would he have to give up his paychecks too because his dad is rich? FK OUTTA HERE! Just because YOU'RE not rich and YOU don't have a scholarship doesn't mean Justin has to give you his! You too can earn a scholarship with hard work and/or good grades. Get off his sack! CONGRATULATIONS JUSTIN!!!


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Bobbi Kristina (Houston?) Brown:
Please let this girl grieve in peace! If God forbid something bad happened to your mother or someone you really loved you would NOT want people all in your face, taking pics of you, spreading rumors about you and just being a complete a-hole to you. Yes she appears to e a wild child, but so are a lot of teenagers. Let her grow up! Its bad enough she has to do it without her mother. She doesnt need the media and the public breathing their stale breath down her neck.


I know she is over 18 but she is a child! In the words of Tyler Perry "LEAVE THIS BABY ALONE!" YES, BABY! No she's not in diapers but think about what you were like at 19. A child in desperate need of your mother.


Stop sweating her over who she dates, talkin bout she's dating her brother. Y'all sound very stupid and ig'nant! How many times do you recall Whitney Houston giving birth? Thats right, ONCE! You don't know their household and how they lived! For all we know he and Bobbi K could have been liking each other from day one but since he was a child in need Whitney took him under her wing. Just because Whitney called him her son, SO WHAT? That doesn't make Bobbi K his biological sister! Maybe Whitney meant son IN LAW! LOL…How about we just be happy for her and be glad she has someone close to her who she loves and who loves her and who she feels that she can trust. Yes quietly we give him a bit of the side eye as we do with every significant other of a rich person. But lets just let this girl have her moment! It might not work out, or they might surprise you! Either way show some compassion for her! She really needs it!


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3. Beyonce:
How long are people going to speculate about her pregnancy. First of all, you never saw her belly up close, you weren't in the delivery room when the baby was born nor were you at any of her doctor visits, or surrogate visits or whatever kind of visits she had....neither was I for that matter. The only one we know for sure that was there was BEYONCE, so if she says she gave birth to a baby, Im gonna take her word for it! Not to mention the baby looks just like Solange's son Julez. I dont see yall squinting at anyone else who said they had a baby whether you saw them pregnant or not. Stop trying to embarrass her and kill her joy! Furthermore, it doesn't matter how a baby came into someone's life. God brought it to that person either way and whether it was from their own womb, a surrogate, or an adoption agency, thats their child. They love it and thats all that matters.




4. Blue Ivy Carter:
Blue Ivy has a tough life already! She has had shyt talked about her since before she even came out of the womb! Speculations about everything from her DNA to her beliefs in Jesus. Um…SHE IS A BABY! An innocent child who needs to find her own self and become her own person. She is Beyonce's child no matter how you think she came into this world! At the end of the day nobody cares what you think. Especially not an infant who has her own diamond bathtub.


She does not worship the devil! She is not a member of the illuminati! I don't know whether or not her parents are into some shady mess cuz again, Im not there! I don't know them! But whether they worship satan or not, what does that have to do with that baby? Michael Jackson's parents are Jehova's Witnesses, but he celebrated holidays. Know why? Because he grew up and became his own person and followed his own beliefs. Give the girl a chance to BECOME somebody before you start talking shy about her.



5. The Smith Family:
Please stop talking about how Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are pimping out their kids! Clearly Jaden and Willow do what they want. From crazy outfits to outlandish hair do's, those kids are free to be! Its obvious to me, Jaden loves acting and performing! Its obvious to me, Willow loved performing. Nobody forced these kids into anything. Do you see Willow anywhere right now? No! because she doesn't want to sing right now and she doesn't have to.


We all know Jada and Will's parenting style is a little to the left. They give their kids a bit more freedom than a lot of parents. But they seem to be doing ok. Think about some of the bad ass kids you know. Their parents give them little to no freedom and they're bad as hell! Runnin around cussing, stealing, fighting, not paying attention in school. writing on walls and acting a damn fool!


I have yet to hear of Willow or Jaden doing any of the above. So worry about your own kids. These kids are rich and they're doing just fine. And whether they grow up to be successful or not, you cant put all the blame on their parents because people from all walks of life grow up to be all different types of people. Everyone is their own person with their own path in life.



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