Bobbi Kris is working with Tyler Perry


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YAY! I'm so happy to hear that Tyler Perry is looking out for Bobbi Kristina! Goooo Krissy! Who knew Bobbi Kristina was a budding actress? Well Little Miss Kris will have a recurring role on Tyler Perry's TBS series "For Better or for Worse" which is in its second season.


According to Straight From The A, Bobbi Kris will have a recurring role playing the daughter of one of the stylists in the salon owned by Tasha Smith's character. I wonder if she will go by Bobbi Kris, or "Kristina Houston" the name that TMZ alleges she will be changing to.


Bobbi K has been seen coming and going from Tyler Perry's Atlanta studios for weeks with her boyfriend Nick Gordon. I refuse to call Nick her brother because you don't kiss your brother the way Bobbi Kristina kisses that boy. Furthermore I'm tired of people making it out to sound as if she is in an incestuous relationship when CLEARLY the girl is in no way blood related to him.


I know I know...Whitney Houston "adopted" him. But if Whitney Houston formerly adopted Nick Gordon SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS! I'll wait.


It sounds to me that he was a kid in need and Whitney took him in! For all we know he and Bobbi K were friends, or an item ten years ago when she first took him in, but she called him her son and Bobbi's brother because she didn't want everyone judging her just like you're doing now..or maybe they had a crush all that time but only feel comfortable showing it now that they are both adults. Just because someone lives in your house doesn't make them your relative..and people have grown up from kindergarten together and fallen in love! So stop making something out of nothing! Just mind your business and let them BE!


In any case, I'm glad that Bobbi Kris has someone to love and who loves her. I hope he is good for her and that he makes her happy and looks out for her! She needs all the love she can get during such a difficult time. I'm sure losing her mom is still just as fresh in her heart as the day it happened and she is still vulnerable and hurting. So lets just pray she is in good hands and that nobody takes advantage of her.


I'm happy to see Tyler Perry giving her a chance! GOOD JOB TYLER! I hope Bobbi K is on the right path and stays that way and makes everyone proud! I'm rooting for you Krissy and I'm sure your mom is too! Make Whitney proud!!!





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