SECURITY!!! Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Bombed!



Um....in the words of Beyonce "SOMEBODY GETTIN FIRED!"


Kim Kardashian got her azz handed to her in a bag of flour last night as she tried to promote her new "True Reflection" fragrance. Kim was chatting it up with the press at the London West Hollywood when some crazy bytch casually walked up to her, dumped flour over her head and walked away.


My question is, how did the crazy bytch get that close? Security was obviously not on their job! Check out the video courtesy of TMZ below!



I wonder who the woman was and what her reasoning was for pouring flour on Kim? According to TMZ, she yelled out "FUR HAG" but Whats the significance of the flour? Peta (who is not behind the attack but roots for Kim's attacker) throws red paint for animal abuse. Was Kim abusing donuts?


Sidebar: I find it funny that Kim's fragrance is called "True Reflection" considering all the work she's had done. When she looks in the mirror aint a damn thing true about THAT reflection! o_O did I say that out loud?



In any case, I'm glad the powder was just flour and not some kind of poison, and Im glad Kim is ok.


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