Introducing The Gurlie Gurlz


the gurlie gurlz


I am so excited to introduce to you the new pre-teen sensations Imani, Kennedi, Sidney and Shelby, also known as THE GURLIE GURLZ! These 10 year old girls are already giving adult and teen groups a run for their money. You wont find another group this young with harmonies as on point as theirs. They're like a female baby Boyz II Men.


The master mind behind this group is none other than Crystal Wilson! Mother and vocal coach of Shanice Wilson! You know Shanice, the amazing vocal powerhouse! Who brought us hits like "I Love Your Smile", "Lovin You", "Yesterday", "When I Close My Eyes", "Every Woman Dreams" etc. And you remember little Shanice. The little girl who blew us away in her Easter dress on Star Search! Well the force behind that voice was Crystal Wilson and she is doing it again with The Gurlie Gurlz!


Keep in mind that these Gurlz have only been in this group for a few months and they already sound this good! I get goosebumps just thinking about how they'll sound in a few years! Fun fact: the little girl in the black jacket is Imani, daughter of Shanice Wilson and actor Flex Alexander. If you pay attention to their harmonies, all of the low alto notes are Imani's notes! That girl has really got a handle on harmonizing, which is not an easy thing to do!




All of these girls are stars! From the powerful voice of Kennedi, the sweet voice of Sidney, the rich voice of Shelby and the sultry voice of Imani, Im sure they will soon be bringing us a long list of hits! Keep your eyes and ears open for the Gurlie Gurlz! Crystal Wilson is ONTO SOMETHING!!! I can't wait to hear more from them!


Stay up to date with The Gurlie Gurlz by following them on Twitter @TheGurlieGurlz and subscribing to their YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGurlieGurlzTV




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