Introducing Blue Ivy Carter


beyonce and blue ivy carter


I HAD NO IDEA we would be seeing little Ms. Blue Ivy Carter any time soon. Boy was I surprised when I logged into facebook and there she was! Meet Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z's gorgeous bundle of joy! I knew she was gonna be cute but I had no idea she'd be this beautiful! I love her!!! She looks just like her big cousin Julez!!! Check out the pics from Blue's tumblr account.


Not only is she the youngest person to hit the Billboard charts, but now I think she's the youngest person with a tumblr. Thanks Bey and Jay for sharing your precious gift with us! I love how they didnt pimp their baby out for money. They posted pix in a very tactful way. Kudos to you, Carters. Beyonce looks so happy. Im happy for her! And Jay Z looks so cute holding his baby! She's so tiny!


Oh and to all the haters, the jokes on YOU! She's not ugly like you said she would be, dumbasses! HAAAAAA! Jay Z made a baby that most likely looks better than you....and probably better than your baby too. Now go scrape the egg off your face. On second thought, leave it on there. Im sure its an improvement.


See more pix here! http://helloblueivycarter.tumblr.com/




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