Does Willow Smith Have Too Much Freedom?


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Let me start this post off by saying that I really like Willow Smith. I think Willow is adorable, very talented, and for the most part a positive role model for kids with her "be yourself" messages. A lot of people think that Will and Jada are doing a disservice to their kids. People are saying that Will and Jada need to let their kids be kids and stop exploiting them and pushing them into the limelight. I disagree. Children have a mind of their own! Not all kids want to jump double dutch, chase the ice cream truck, throw rocks and scrape their knees.


Some kids have other callings! It is obvious that the Smith children are talented. They want to show off their talent. They clearly like being entertainers. They like doing what theyre doing. Willow and Jaden seem to be having fun. They want to follow in their parents' foot steps and they genuinely like being in the limelight. I feel that if Will and Jada didn't let their kids follow their dreams, they would be doing them a disservice. "Let kids be kids." Maybe this is THEIR version of being kids. There is no rule book set in stone stating what entails being a kid and what doesn't. Some kids like entertaining! There are plenty of kids on tv!


When Beyonce was 9 years old, she was doing exactly what Willow is doing. Beyonce has since become a megastar and everyone is singing the praises of Matthew Knowles for creating such a huge star, and commending her parents for putting aside their dreams and careers to help Beyonce follow hers. So why are these same people the first ones to judge Will Smith and Jada Pinkett for doing the same thing? Clearly this family is not hurting for money! This isnt Toddlers and Tiaras where theyre thrusting their kids into the limelight forcing them to shake their booty and smile for the camera to make them holler for a dollar HONEY BOO BOO CHILE!


These kids are following their dreams! Acting and Singing are hobbies for Jaden and Willow and theyre blessed enough to be making money from it! Half of the people judging them have their kids on youtube droppin it like its hot, hoping someone discovers them and gives them a record deal Justin Bieber style. Please stop kidding yourselves.


With that said, though I commend Jada and Will for supporting their kids in their careers, I still think that there is a certain degree of discipline lacking in their lives. Willow is just a little too mouthy for my taste. As cute as precocious children can be, there should be a line drawn somewhere. The day she called Oprah Winfrey "gurrrrrrrrl" I wanted to jump through the tv screen and pluck her in her lips! Oprah is a good 50 something years old! Oprah is old enough to be her grandmother! Jada should have ran out from the wings and knocked the taste out of her mouth right on the air! Willow's parents need to instill respect and politeness in their children! She shouldn't be allowed to walk around talking to adults like she is one of them! The fact that she has more money than most adults is beside the point!


Aside from the way she speaks, I think there should be a certain line drawn when it comes to her attire. Most of the time, I support Willow's parents in letting her express herself by dressing herself, but the photo above is a CLEAR example of the point where the line should be drawn! No child should be allowed to walk outside looking like that on a date that is not October 31st.


Between Willow calling grown women "Gurl", not studying her "maths" and walking outside looking crazy as hayell, i think she has a tad too much freedom. Jada once said in an interview that she doesnt really give her kids rules. She gives them suggestions and hopes that they make the right decision. Um...THAT is doing a disservice to your kids! Kids need rules and kids need discipline otherwise theyll turn into adults that people dont like. If you dont discipline your kids, someone else will when they get out into the real world, and they wont do it with love! I know theyre rich and most people will probably suck up to them, but its important for them to have a clear head on their shoulders. They should have certain morals and values so that they can understand the value of a buck, understand the value of a friend and not grow up to be complete douche bags! Just Sayin.



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