Beyonce ‘Love On Top’ Video Sneak Peek



Beyonce is the only artist I know who does a video for EVERY song on her album. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. This girl JUST premiered her video for Countdown the other day, now she's giving us a teaser for her Love On Top video! Not to mention theres a video for Party floating around here somewhere.


How does Beyonce find the time to churn out so many videos? I wonder if theres more than one of her! I'm sure she has enough money to clone herself, but I don't think she's the type of girl willing to share her spotlight with a clone. Other chicks try to clone her all the time and you see what happens to them.


The Love On Top video looks pretty simple. It seems to be set in a New York City loft. Sidebar: Where the hell am I at when all this stuff is going down in New York? You ever walk down the street and think "I bet Beyonce is shooting a video up in that loft!.....I bet Justin Bieber is on that roof doing a photo shoot." I gots to get me some of that superman Ex-Ray vision! I'm missing all kinds of things happening in these buildings.


Anyhoo, the video is definitely not a concept you haven't seen before. It reminds me of New Edition's If It Isn't Love video...dance moves included. I'm still trying to figure out why Beyonce felt the need to wear a onesie though. Everyone else is in jeans or some kind of pants, and here she is droppin it like its hot with a panty-shirt on. Does her stylist ever present her with anything other than leotards?


Anyway here is the sneak peek of the vid. I love this song...so I don't really care what the video looks like, I'm sure I'm gonna be rockin to it.






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