A Sad Day For Apple Fans Steve Jobs 1955-2011


Dear Steve Jobs,


Thank you for making the best computers ever!!!! I remember in the 90s I was a PC person! Then I graduated college and a couple of AWESOME friends got together and bought me my first MAC! A blue Clamshell iBook! I was so happy! I still have that computer and it still works though its dated and runs OS9! One day I'm gonna get some geek to take the innards from the latest Macbook and put it inside the shell of my old clamshell! How cool would that be!? Have a throwback computer on the outside and some new state of the art flyness on the inside! I have plans for my baby! Yeah I call it my baby cuz thats what it is!


I got that Mac and never looked back! Honestly, I couldn't even tell you what to do with a PC these days aside from selling it and saving that money to get a MAC! Sometimes I go in the Apple store just to be in there! I think they put crack in Macs!


I just want to thank Steve Jobs for helping to create such an awesome computer and an awesome company. I hope other companies look to Apple and Steve Jobs as a role model and become more Apple-Like!


Its crazy and sad how a person can be so rich and powerful, but still get taken out by cancer. It just shows us all how real our mortality is. Money can buy a lot of things, but it can't buy the most important things! We should take this time to count our blessings. You might be broke and poor today but you're alive, so thank God for what you have and make the best of it cuz tomorrow is not promised! Hey and if you're alive AND you have a Mac, you're a step ahead of a lot of people! GO ON WITCHO BAD SELF!


I hope whoever takes over Steve Jobs' job sticks with the format! DONT EFF IT UP!



If you would like to send thoughts, love, respect and/or condolences email rememberingsteve@apple.com



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