Count Down to Beyonce’s Countdown!



I can not WAIT to see Beyonce's Countdown video. Its by far my favorite song on her "4" album! I love almost all of the songs on the album but "Countdown" is my fave up tempo (Start Over is my favorite ballad fyi)! Beyonce released a sneak peak of the video paying homage to Audrey Hepburn with her look. I love how she blinks her eyes to the drum pattern! Beyonce is silly as hayell. Is it my imagination or can you see Solange in her face in the scenes where she has the green eye shadow? You can definitely see the sisterly resemblance!


I know Boyz II Men is happy to be getting a teeny bit of shine these days. I bet the checks from this song are looking pretty nice! If you haven't put 2 and 2 together, its the voice of Boyz II Men singing the counting parts. Its a sample from their "Uhhh Ahhh" song. Here is what Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris told MTV News

"I thought it was very clever...She's a clever artist. She's one of the best in the business right now. I guess you can say we finally got our duet with Beyoncé."


I will be counting down the days til Thursday when we get to check out the full video premier! In the meantime here's a sneak peak! Put it on repeat! I hope there will be more dancing in the video. I was looking forward to seeing the dance routine they'd come up with for this song, but from the looks of things it doesn't seem like its gonna have much dancing. Oh well...I'm sure it will still be a good video. At least we'll get to stare at Beyonce and wish we were that pretty lol


BtW Bey, when do we get to see the "Party" video! I hope you looked under some rocks and found Andre 3000 to be in the video!





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