*Faint* Rat Bites Woman On Subway Platform



OH HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYELLLL 2 DA NO!!!!! These rats are getting out of HAND! Its bad enough that theyre EVERYWHERE, but now theyre gonna be biting people!?!!?!? A 20something year old woman was sitting on a bench on the subway platform at the Brooklyn Bridge station waiting for the J Train when a rat peeked out from under the seat and BIT HER FOOT!!!!!!! She had on open toe sandals and I guess her foot looked too tasty to pass up! The woman completely freaked out (duh)! She was crying and frantic and bleeding from her foot when she ran to an MTA clerk for help. The clerk stated "She was pretty frantic and upset...You could actually see the bite."


The woman was taken to New York Downtown Hospital where she was treated and released. My question is, HOW was she treated? I hope they gave her rabies shots! I know they didn't catch the rat to be able to test it for rabies so they'd better give her all the necessary cooty shots!


Im surprised this is the only report of a rat biting someone in the subway! There are so many rats in the subways, that its a surprise if you go down there and you DON'T see one! I take the New York Subways all the time and I can tell you that I see rats almost every day! Not only do they hang out in the tracks, but they come up on the platforms as well. I've even seen a rat get on the actual train on 2 occasions! I was like WTF!? NOW THEY HAVE DESTINATIONS!? Cuz the rat damn sure got on the train, rode one stop and got off like it knew where it was going!


Sources (whoever that may be) say that a rat attack is unusual particularly because the J rain platform at that station has a "low rodent population." HA!!!! I bet that statement came from some rich douche who doesn't even RIDE the trains, because if this was a person who actually rode the trains, they would know that NO subway station has a low rodent population! There is no such thing as a low rodent population in a New York City train station! The rodents OWN the subways! All of the stations are connected together, therefore if rats are at one station, rats are at ALLL of the stations! Dont let these city officials lie to you! Keep listening to them if you want to.You will wake up with a rat on your damn LAP!


It makes me laugh when people are lax about rats saying theyre timid creatures and theyre scared of us. Rats aren't scared of a damn thing! If the Pigeons in NY aren't even scared of people, what makes you think a rat would be? These scavengers in NY are GANGSTA!


Officials are saying more rats are surfacing because garbage collection is less frequent! Dont you love how they raise the fares but do less work? The higher the fares get, the lower the service quality gets. And I use the term "quality" very loosely.



I will never wear open toe shoes on the train again! I will NOT be sitting on benches. From now on I'll be riding the trains wearing combat boots and I will be armed with a slingshot! I was gonna say a B.B. Gun, but the dumbass cops might shoot me thinking its a real gun! You know the cops are drama queens!




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