Orlando Brown Being Harassed By The Cops


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Actor Orlando Brown, best known as Raven's best friend "Eddie" on Thats So Raven was arrested on Friday for an alleged DUI. Reports are claiming that officers "Pulled him over" for driving without a license plate. When he got out of the car, they smelled alcohol on his breath. His pregnant girlfriend was allegedly in the car so they arrested him for DUI!


Fast forward to today, Orlando claims that he was never driving! Yes he had a few glasses of wine, and he was in the drivers seat, but he insists that a friend had come over to hear his new music. He ran downstairs and sat in the drivers seat of the car just to play the CD with his friends in the car listening. Cops noticed them without the license plate and came over to be the douche bags that they are and harassed them (my words not his)!


I BELIEVE YOU ORLANDO! People need to leave that boy alone! I guess he forgot he was black for a minute! Orlando you cant sit in drivers seats with liquor on your breath while black! Its not a good thing to do while white either but its WORSE while black! If you were playing a CD, that means the car was on, and if the car is on, police consider that driving! I can't fault the police too much in this because you were in the drivers seat and the car was on. How are they supposed to know you weren't going to drive?
Do you know how many times they hear that same story? "I was just sitting here...I wasnt gonna drive." I'm sure you were telling the truth but thats a bullshyt story most of the time


Next time, how bout you clean up your house and invite people inside to listen to your music on the stereo! *Whispers* you know if someone comes outside to play a CD for you, its cuz socks and drawz are all over the floor and dishes are in the sink! *smh* While Teyana Taylor is brushing her teef, you need to be sweeping your floor!


I personally like Orlando Brown! I've been riding with him From Tiger (Major Payne), to 3J (Family Matters) to Eddie (Thats So Raven)...I think he's a cool dude and I'm gonna support him...so yall cops better leave my boy ALONE! DAMMIT!







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