Update on Subway Douche – Hermon Raju Is Her Name





I knew someone would recognize her and put her on blast! As soon as the video of the woman going off on an Amtrak conductor hit the internet it went viral! It didnt take long for people who knew her to identify her as Hermon Raju, NYU Graduate.


Now, I know that NYU is a great school and people are often impressed when you say you go/went there, HOWWWWWEVER. "do you know how educated I am? Do you know what schools I've gone to?!" She had me thinking she went to Harvard or Yale or some big fancy prestigious school that the "uneducated" people can't even pronounce!


BYTCH PLEASE! YOU WENT TO NYU! Big deal! A LOT of people go to NYU! I dont think its all THAT hard of a school to get in to! You don't have to be a genius to get into NYU. Smart and talented yes but I bet the main thing you probably need to get into that school is MONEY! Unless you get a scholarship...which I doubt this chick got. She acts like she just found the cure for cancer.


And as far as "schools" plural, I guess she just went to a bunch of NYU schools...oh...and public school. WOW! IMPRESSIVE! Hey wait a minute.....I went to public school and to a well known private New York College as well. Who knew I was supposed to be running around telling people I'm well educated and acting like a douche! I'll start TOMORROW!


Check out what alleged acquaintances of Ms. Hermon Raju have to say about her. Now i dont know if this is true. These comments were on Yahoo, but whether theyre true or not, they sure are funny.



The first thing that I found hilarious was someone who stated "There are a lot of well educated people who are idiots! Look at congress." Then I came across Hermon Raju's LinkedIn page and discovered that she had interned for Congress! PURE HILARITY


Here are the rest of em







OOOOH Some stuff on her well educatedness


OOOOH MORE on her well educatedness. This is who they let near power plants? *smh*


WOW! This girl will never live this down! I wonder if she will ever be able to find a job. Hey White Castle is hiring! All of those years and all of that money to get "well educated" and she gets famous for being a dumb ass! One time for Hermon Raju *sad hobo music plays for her*


The moral of this story is, be careful what you do, what you say, and how you behave because camera phones are always watching! Always behave as if your boss is watching.



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  • Alexandra Hall

    As a Garrison resident I know my leafy hamlet has more than its fair share of rich, insufferably snotty people. I know the individual in question, and suffice to say there have been difficult moments! But one should recognize the part wealthy parents often play: masterfully sculpting attitudes of icy superiority in their children. If only for once this young individual could alight from the high horse and express the warmth of contrition. But alas, it seems the Leonora Helmsley attitude, formed from birth, has been all too successfully ingrained.

  • Jimmy J

    First off I think way too much is being made of this. I ride the trains often and conductors on Metro North seem to be on a power trip sometimes provoking customers. The "I'm educated" comment sounds to me this passenger had an inferiority complex. That said she hardly seemed threatening. And I know a lot of people who would have said a lot worse. Absolutely not saying she was right. Me I would have just laughed and said "Oh sorry". However we all have a constitutional right to make noise on a train or even swear as long as it's not towards someone. It's a public train and if other customers don't like it they should ask her nicely or move to another train. Conductors shouldn't act like moms telling paying customers not to swear or talk loud and the "don't touch me" line when she obviously wasn't touching her was ridiculous . Now maybe she's a snob and overreacted but I think that the response to her overreacting was well--- Overreaction. How about everyone reacting to the fact that a train ticket expires after two weeks. Representatives of this Constitution state please take note.

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      i cant believe people are still talking about this. lol

  • scir91onyoutube

    IF she went to such awesome schools, WHY is she riding on public transit with joe the pizza delivery guy who makes $5 an hour?

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      quite a reputation u got there on intense debate lol

      • scir91onyoutube

        yes i quite enjoy being politically incorrect and saying what i see. i live the opposite life of celebrities who have to shut up and maintain an image to make money. there's nothing like free speech and freedom to express your ideas! thx for the comment. i take pride in being ridiculed because EVERYONE remembers me, not the garbage joe shmo niceties everyone else spews : )

  • misscapri

    She reminds me of one of my aunts, actually. And I've read in other articles that Hermon Raju thinks she's been 'raped' by the internet. Uh, no! She just insulted real victims of that crime. Hermon chose to act like an insufferable, snobby, spoiled brat, and she got caught on camera. How is that much different from those who video themselves doing stupid things while drunk and then posting it on FB where their boss sees them? Anyway, I'd like to see Hermon Raju and stuffy monster-in-law Carolyn Bourne in the same room together, they actually deserve each other.

  • Bill

    The picture from her linkedin is from 6 years ago...same one she used on myspace/FB back in the day...went on a few dates with her

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      did she talk about how well educated she was on the date? what kind of date was she? do tell

    • scir91onyoutube

      was she HOT?

  • Brian

    What a trashy blog you have. Trust a n!gger to do this. You lowlife scumbags have nothing better to do than rob people and suck the blood of normal hard working non-black americans. Go back to africa on the amistad. F*ckers...

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      fck you douche bag! the only "n!gger" on this blog is YOU..because you're an ignorant racist asshole who judges people by their race and not by their character! I have never in my life robbed anyone, stolen anything or "sucked the blood" from anyone. I work hard for everything i have and most of the shit you use from day to day was INVENTED by black people. So shut the fuck up! you're the one sucking the blood off hard workers while you sit around not doing a damn thing! And blaming people for your weakness.

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      before you start talking shit about black people, why dont you do your research! you might learn something

      • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

        Yeah yeah yeah Im sure! The same way America was discovered by a Christopher Columbus.

      • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

        I bet Elvis was the creator of is entire style too! Your above paragraph means nothing to me.

      • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

        I love how your name is Azol....sounds a lot like asshole! Glad to see you're living up to your name

      • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

        By the way, you are an IDIOT! You said the first elevator was BUILT by a white man! Go look up the difference between BUILT and INVENTED dummy! Just because someone INVENTS something, doesnt mean they build it! They often draw up the idea and get other people to make their actual inventions come to life! There are all kinds of holes in your long paragraph! But thanks for visiting my site and putting in your shitty 2 cents.

        oh and NEWSFLASH Wikipedia is written by random every-day people and often has incorrect information. So if you get your knowledge from Wikipedia I feel sorry for you. I think the "Dumb Cunt of the year award" clearly belongs to you AZ(ZH)OL(E)

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      and wtf does this blog have to do with robbing people? furthermore what does this post have to do with robbing people? this post is about a bitch on the train who thinks shes better than everyone. so go sit down and shut the fuck up because you're not even smart enough to make a relevant comment. you just want to run around on the internet spewing hate and racism hiding behind your computer screen because you know if you ever said something like that in person you'd be shitting your teeth.

      people have gotten awfully brave now that the internet exists. you probably spend your days kissing the asses of black people, trying to be cool, wearing your hat sideways, listening to hip hop and talking that bullshit about how "some of your best friends are black". you're a fucking hypocritical dumbass loser who probably has no friends. you're probably not even worthy of the KKK thats why you have to burn your crosses on the internet. FUCK YOU!

      • quinn

        Cool it, man. He's just one insignificant dude.

  • milkbone

    The "graduate" part of her education was at the NYU SCPS (School of Continuing and Professional Studies). Whilst the SCPS is a wonderful school allowing mature students access to NYU caliber courses it's entrance requirements are less stringent than those of other NYU schools. Basically you pay the fee, are generally competent and there's space on the course. Her management/finance education was not taken at the more prestigious (and much more selective) Stern business school as her linkedin profile may give the impression. She noticeably does not include the school name - an omission that would not be made unless she wanted to leave the impression that the school was Stern.

    Regardless of Ms. Raju's education (and certainly regardless of her race, an issue that has come up disturbingly often in discussions of this video) there are rude people everywhere and in all walks of life. You know what the best part of the video is? The ticket inspector's behavior - how she manages to keep her cool with that squawking racket going on in the background is remarkable. Can we give her a "Reasonable, professional person of the day" award?

    • milkbone

      One addition. Ms. Raju's own youtube response is a video that excludes the unpleasant "That's why people work in the train" line. Instead of including that comment Ms. Raju puts text over the video, which includes the zinger:

      "The black woman was the one who was loud and profane....I am extremely intelligent and don't need to use profanity....I will never ride the train with those kinds of people again"

      This leaves a probably unintentional ambiguity over whether "those kinds of people" are the i ) loud and profane or ii) black.

  • SDH

    You guys are all idiots and need to leave her the hell alone, what the hell did she do wrong, if the train bitch had attitude like they all do, then she deserves what came to her.

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      lol@leave her alone! screw her! she's a bitch! what do u mean what did she do wrong? She was being loud on her phone on the train. Thats RUDE! Then when the conductor asked her to keep her noise down, she threw a tantrum. How do you know the train woman had an attitude, the only one who had an attitude was the one talking about how educated she is. you're probably her. STFU

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      and lol@you "reporting" my comment. who did you think the report was going to go to? I'm the web master. You're reporting me to ME? dumbass rotfl

      • BHS

        that is hilarious....... :-)

      • Indian


  • JaeWu

    I call BS on this entire thing. The facebook profile looks staged/fresh and the youtube channel as well. Who did the recording? Her youtube says " I posted the video from the incident, so you can see for yourself that I was not being loud or profane. I was merely the target of racial profiling."

  • nycguy

    The girl was obviously a douche for the comments she made, and as an NYU alum myself I cringe when I hear someone spout off ignorant comments like that. But one thing I can't help but correct is that you don't need money to get into any school, NYU included - just because NYU is one of the most expensive schools around doesn't mean everyone had mommy and daddy paying their tuition from their checking account. I worked throughout school, and while my parents helped me substantially, I also took on 5-figure debt upon graduation.

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      I agree! And to comment on your correction about needing money. I didnt say you had to be RICH to get into that school. I said you needed money. You paid money to go there, and you're still paying arent you? Im sure you didnt get in there for FREE. Just like you need money to get in to the movie theater, you need money to get in to NYU. lol

  • Man

    Jack it has nothing to do with being Indian...assholes are found all over the globe.

  • jack

    India is a very class-stratified society. Those in the upper classes of India learn that they need to defend their upper-class status aggressively from uppity lower-class people. The types of attitudes and behaviors that work in India don't fly so well in the US.

    • Indian

      I agree. I'm an Indian and I despise the way other Indians lay their class crap mentality in work places and public transits. One Indian woman that I worked with refused to eat with other "lower class" Indians or African Americans at the office. Indians talk about their glorious culture blah blah, yet India is one of the unsafest places for women. Hypocrisy and discrimination all the way.

      • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

        seems like thats the way of humans in general. just a bunch of hypocrites looking for a reason to look down on others to feel better about themselves

    • whipyourhair

      I agree. Class stratification never happened in the US. Africans came together to this country in the 1600s and 1700s and said, "hey we don't want to have famlies any more, we'd rather come work for you guys, build your nation's economic base, and not get compensated, then we'd like to every few decades for you guys to throw us a couple bones, making us less enslaved, you know maybe grant us 3/5's of a vote or something.. you'll figure it out"

  • Jenny

    Here's ALL her info:

    █ Hermon Kaur Raju
    █ *censored*

  • Kenneth

    MetroNorth is NOT a subway!

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      well its gonna be a Subway today cuz I'm damn sure not changing it

      • Iman Azol

        Yup, because that would require getting your facts straight, and research, which are clearly beyond your capabilities.

        • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

          thats what I have YOU for! To school me on the bullshit they made up and put in text books.

  • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

    I guess theyre also well educated in crime