ILL! Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel!! – Video


little girl plays with dead squirrel


ILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! This is one straight out of a horror film! When I first logged onto Goodlawd.com and saw the post about a little girl playing with a dead squirrel, I thought it was probably an innocent little girl who found the squirrel laid out somewhere and didnt really know the concept of death. I figured she'd just looked at is as a floppy stuffed animal, but NO! She KNOWS its dead! She seems to be excited about the fact that this squirrel is dead! LITTLE CREEP!


I think her parents better sleep with one eye open! And LOL@her mother for wondering if she will be a vegetarian after this. She NEEDS to be wondering if she's gonna be a freaking serial killer! That whole family needs therapy!


What kind of parents let their kid play with a dead squirrel or ANY kind of dead animal, especially a wild animal!? It could be carrying all kinds of diseases. I know that squirrels are biologically unable to carry rabies, but I'm sure there are a SLEW of other diseases they can carry. Not only are the parents letting her PLAY with the squirrel, but shes rubbing it all over her half naked body, and touching her face with it, and with her dirty hands.


This one is definitely getting filed under "Things white people do". Now I know MOST white people would not let their child play with a dead squirrel. None of MY white friends would participate in such foolishness....but...seeing as how the people in this video are white, yall are gonna have to take one for the team. lmao


Sidebar: the way the little girl says "Squirrel" (SQWAYAL) is too cute! But she's still a creep!


Heres the video







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