Dumbazz Teenager Survives Jump Off Golden Gate Bridge



"But Mom, all my friends are doing it!"...."if all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you do that too?"..OBVIOUSLY FOR THIS KID, THE ANSWER IS YES! But all his "friends" didnt even HAVE to jump! All they had to do was watch his stupid azz do it! Peer pressure at its finest worst! Even though according to the article on Daily Mail, the kids didnt tell him to do it, the fact that this kid went to these great lengths to impress his classmates, shows that he was under some degree of pressure.


17 year old Luhe 'Otter' Vilagome worked extra hard for approval and popularity when he decided to jump off the famous Golden Gate Bridge during a field trip with his school in San Francisco, California..


Miraculously, the moron survived the fall! I guess the saying is true, "God takes care of fools and babies." One of his Windsor High classmates said that the teen ‘did it to try to look cool’, adding: ‘He said he’d jumped off bridges before.’


Most people who jump off of the famous 'suicide bridge' dont live to tell about it! If their bones aren't crushed on the impact of the 80 mile per hour fall, they usually drown from the currents or freeze to death in the icy waters.


A surfer who witnessed the fall, paddled over to the kid to rescue him, but when he found out that the kid had jumped for sh*tz & giggles, he claims he "lost it and told him what he did was wrong, that life is precious and he should not take risks like that."


The boy was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he was treated for a broken tailbone and a punctured lung, reported AOL News.



Authorities say they are considering charging the teenager with misdemeanor trespassing, punishable by a year in jail or a fine up to $10,000.


He needs his azz beat! I dont care if his tail bone is broken! He needs to be kicked right in it! WHERE IS HIS MOTHER!? Since there is no photo, I dont know the nationality of this kid...but Im gonna file this under "things white people do"...cuz this is definitely some white shyt! Even if he's black (doubt it)! Just like I file white folks sometimes under "things niggaz do" the same rule applies! *shrug*


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  • Gorgonzola

    Wow you are a racist piece of shit. This isn't something that should be categorized by race. If you were the least bit intelligent you could tell the kid's name is of a latin origin, and living in california. Hmm is it just me or does that seem like the person was probably a Latino? Still has nothing to do with race, and it's dumb assholes like you that keep our world from progressing out of racism.

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      dayum...why i got to be all that? lol thanks for visiting :-)

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      its still filed under "things white people do" even if he is not white, because white people are stereotypically more adventurous with their daredevil behavior....case in point, THISvideo. Relax its all in fun. I find stereotypes entertaining and often make jokes about them. You must be insecure in your own skin and you need to calm down.

      Black people like chicken and can dance, white people like jumpin off shit and eating greek yogurt, asian people are good at math and karate, latin people talk loud and are good salsa dancers lmao I KID I KID

      I know the above isnt true for all...and many of these things intermix with other races but stereotypes come from somewhere...and theyre just funny to me. Get over it

      people are too uptight when it comes to race if ya ask me