Pink vs The Pinks! Pink Disses Britney and Christina


pink disses christina aguilera and britney spears


Pink is basking in her glory because for once she is winning and the "Mean Girls" are losing. Doesn't Pink strike you as that girl who always wanted to be accepted by the popular girls, but was always rejected! She was probably laughed at and snubbed by those types of girls on many occasions. Pink is that girl at the lunch table by herself, or at the lunch table with the weird goth kids who people think are dark trouble makers, but who are really soft centered, misunderstood geniuses.


In light of Christina Aguilera's recent drunken arrest, and all of Britney Spears' crazy antics, Pink ran to twitter to gloat with the following gem:


Of course Christina and Britney stans aren't feeling Pink and they're letting her know that she needs to stay in her place, and reminding her that though she has yet to be arrested, she is still a crackhead. *shrug* lol Here is some of what the stans had to say in response to Pink on Twitter:

Dear @Pink,You really need to get over your issues and jealousy with Xtina. Stick with getting fat & your failing marriage. Cunt. XOXO - DM (via @MrDanielSMartin) <-- oh wow lmao


@Pink Or You've been extremely good at not getting caught ? :) (via @DanaVSexton) <--good point


@pink STFU i wouldnt b tallking ur havin a baby with the guy u divorced 1000 times??!!! (via @BritnE_SpearZ)




@pink ..... was just in a car w/ a driver under the influence...Lets not forget about your past drug addictions..K, Rockstar! #Please (Via @TheCAguilera someone who claims to be Christina Aguilera but is not verified)


@Pink WOOOOOOW, @britneyspears wore handcuffs? i think not (Y) (via @brunospiinellii)


Insulting anyone, whether it be @pink or a stranger on the subway, is wildly unattractive and never, ever, EVER amusing or impressive to me. (via @Truett)


I think Pink can have her day to laugh all she wants, but honestly she still resembles a jealous wannabe to me. With that said, Im not big on Christina Aguilera, so GET HER, PINK! lol I'm indifferent about Britney...I think she's just a dumb hillbilly........Did I say that out loud!?




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