Michael Jackson’s secret son?


I really dont care what ANYONE says! I believe this kid B. Howard (Son of singer Mikki Howard) is Michael Jackson's secret son! Yall were sleepin on Michael Jackson...HE WAS GETTIN IT IN! Somebody get Maury Po'bitch on the phone ASAP! Im telling you, I bet you DNA tests will reveal that he is Michael Jackson's son...and if he's not, I bet he is blood related to him in some way!


Aside from the fact that he sounds just like Michael, he looks like a Jackson (3T Style), he blushes like a Jackson (too bad he doesn't dance like a Jackson...cant win em all *shrug*) and he is extremely close to the 3rd generation of Jacksons. I have seen home videos of him on YouTube spending time with Jackson children. He and Genevieve Jackson (Daughter of Randy Jackson) seem to be really close. They spend time at each other's houses and act as if theyre all cousins. I DONT THINK THATS A COINCIDENCE! The people commenting on the videos even stressed how much he sounded like Mike and looked like a Jackson.


They insist theyre not related, but we all know that the Jackson Family is not the most forthcoming group when it comes to family affairs and personal information. And why should they be? Its none of our business....but hey WE WANNA KNOW DAMMIT!


I wish I could find the videos of him and Genevieve joking around at home and the other video where he was being interviewed on the red carpet at an event. He looked like Michael Jackson reincarnated. He had a hat on and a long ponytail and everything! Unfortunately they removed those videos. Hmmmm. I wonder why. If those videos resurface, I will be sure to post them.


I did however find a video of Genevieve and B. Howard together at an event representing the Jackson Family (for some reason the reporter called him "Mandela", but Journalists are slow). Again I dont think its a coincidence but hey thats just my opinion!


Check out the videos below! What do you think?





update!!!!!! look at THIS video someone sent me! THAT HAS TO BE MICHAEL'S SON! and why is he talking about the whole Jackson family?! hmmm?





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  • Theresa

    I've seen the videos about Brandon..., and I do believe...

  • Marie

    Yes I believe he is MJ's son as well. I keep telling people Mike was gettin it. That whole shy guy act was a front lol. I'm just mad I couldn't on there with MJ.

    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      ha! yeah I agree. Michael was gettin it in on a regular basis! hehehe

  • Gloria Pritcher
    • http://www.randomtandem.com RandomTandem

      omg thanks for this! thats amazing! i might have to use those videos and make a part 2 to this post haha! theres no convincing me that this guy isnt michael jackson;s son!

  • http://www.buydress.ca Julianne Fickert

    Lol,I love Michael Jackson! He was the best to ever sing! We will never ever have someone like Michael Jackson! RIP to the GREATEST!

  • http://www.hehateseverything.com/blog/ STFULoveShawn

    Miki has kids by Jermaine.

    • Anonymous

      omg lol (jermaine aka michael?)

    • Anonymous

      a lot of people have kids by Jermaine. He's like a sperm bank.

  • Kidocean

    omg that is scary!!!

    • Anonymous

      lol who u tellin. its uncanny!