Driving While Texting


The next time you decide to text, make, or receive a phone call while driving, think about THIS VIDEO! Dont be a moron! No phone call is worth your life or the lives of others!


I really hate when Im in the car with someone who insists on talking on their cell phone, dialing numbers, texting, etc...and when I ask them to hang up they say "I'M A GOOD DRIVER!". Nobody is good enough a driver to drive without paying attention to the road! If you want to kill yourself in a car accident, then do it when I'm not in the car with you! I value MY LIFE!


I was recently in a cab with a driver who talked on the phone, searched thru his glove compartment, and did all other kinds of extra activities while driving. He was a complete a-hole and got an attitude when I asked him to watch the road. He's a jerk and an idiot driver and he deserves to have his license suspended! Please see his info below! THATS RIGHT MANUEL MESON OF 510 CAR SERVICE! YOURE ON BLAST DOUCHE BAG!



If you're not gonna listen to me, LISTEN TO OPRAH!

BTW Oprah, aside from driving while texting, I hear you also want us to get out of debt. Well I dont know about the other people, but if you want ME to get out of debt, Imma need you to send me some money mmmkay? Shoot me an email so we can make arrangements! THANKS :-)






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