‘Necessary Roughness’ is BACK!

photo courtesy of entertainista.com   USA has some good shows! I was addicted to Psych when it first came out and I still love it but now I might have a new vice in Necessary Roughness. The new season starts June 6th and will air on Wednesdays. I used to hate Summer TV because all of the good shows went on hiatus, but boring Summer TV seems to be a thing of the past! Finally a network has... READ MORE>>>

5 People Yall Need To Leave The Hell ALONE

photo courtesy of buzzbox.com   1. Justin Combs: Ok his father is Diddy...so? His father is rich....so? What does that have to do with his scholarship? Justin worked HARD for that scholarship! Im sure football is not easy! He earned his scholarship fair and square and he deserves it. Let him enjoy it! I bet half the people complaining, never saw a 3.75 GPA in their life.   Furthermore,... READ MORE>>>

Bobbi Kris is working with Tyler Perry

photo via idolator.com   YAY! I'm so happy to hear that Tyler Perry is looking out for Bobbi Kristina! Goooo Krissy! Who knew Bobbi Kristina was a budding actress? Well Little Miss Kris will have a recurring role on Tyler Perry's TBS series "For Better or for Worse" which is in its second season.   According to Straight From The A, Bobbi Kris will have a recurring role playing the... READ MORE>>>

SECURITY!!! Kim Kardashian Gets Flour Bombed!

  Um....in the words of Beyonce "SOMEBODY GETTIN FIRED!"   Kim Kardashian got her azz handed to her in a bag of flour last night as she tried to promote her new "True Reflection" fragrance. Kim was chatting it up with the press at the London West Hollywood when some crazy bytch casually walked up to her, dumped flour over her head and walked away.   My question is, how did the... READ MORE>>>

Introducing The Gurlie Gurlz

  I am so excited to introduce to you the new pre-teen sensations Imani, Kennedi, Sidney and Shelby, also known as THE GURLIE GURLZ! These 10 year old girls are already giving adult and teen groups a run for their money. You wont find another group this young with harmonies as on point as theirs. They're like a female baby Boyz II Men.   The master mind behind this group is none other... READ MORE>>>

Jussie Smollett’s Debuts EP

  Hey Everybody!   Just wanted to bless you with the news that Jussie Smollett has FINALLY released is debut EP "Poisoned Hearts Club" on iTunes. Im so excited about it, and you should be too because its a GREAT collection of songs!   We definitely have to support up and coming artists, especially ones with exceptional talent. These days a lot of musical artists are successful... READ MORE>>>

Introducing Blue Ivy Carter

  I HAD NO IDEA we would be seeing little Ms. Blue Ivy Carter any time soon. Boy was I surprised when I logged into facebook and there she was! Meet Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z's gorgeous bundle of joy! I knew she was gonna be cute but I had no idea she'd be this beautiful! I love her!!! She looks just like her big cousin Julez!!! Check out the pics from Blue's tumblr account.   Not... READ MORE>>>

Does Willow Smith Have Too Much Freedom?

photo courtesy of Bossip.com   Let me start this post off by saying that I really like Willow Smith. I think Willow is adorable, very talented, and for the most part a positive role model for kids with her "be yourself" messages. A lot of people think that Will and Jada are doing a disservice to their kids. People are saying that Will and Jada need to let their kids be kids and stop... READ MORE>>>

Its B-Day Forreal! Beyonce is a mom!

photo courtesy of NYDailyNews.com   Leave it to the heir of the Carter/Knowles throne to bring me out of hiatus!   E! Online is reporting that Beyonce has finally given birth to her baby girl! Yep, when Kelly Rowland slipped about the gender of B's baby, she wasn't lyin!   Sources told the NY Daily Newsthat Beyonce had checked in to Lenox Hill Hospital on New York's upper east side... READ MORE>>>

Bill Bellamy Stands Up For Family

  I just sat here and watched almost every comedy routine on the American Family Insurance website and can I say it is highly entertaining! Bill Bellamy is a funny dude!   American Family Insurance definitely picked the right guy for this campaign. Initially this was supposed to be an ad post, and it still is...but I'm definitely vouching for the fact that this is some funny mess. I... READ MORE>>>

Beyonce ‘Love On Top’ Video Sneak Peek

  Beyonce is the only artist I know who does a video for EVERY song on her album. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying. This girl JUST premiered her video for Countdown the other day, now she's giving us a teaser for her Love On Top video! Not to mention theres a video for Party floating around here somewhere.   How does Beyonce find the time to churn out so many videos? I wonder if... READ MORE>>>

Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

photo via Billboard.com   Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson paid tribute to their dad Michael Jackson on a glove shaped stage in Wales as tens of thousands of fans cheered them on! “We’re very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father,” said Paris, rockin a Thriller jacket. AY PARIS! Where can I get me wunna dem?!   Poor Blanket looks totally bewildered. I dont... READ MORE>>>

Beyonce ‘Countdown’ Video Premier

  MTV.com and BeyonceOnline.com have finally debuted Beyonce's Countdown video. Beyonce is CRAZY! LOL...There's a LOT going on in this video! But I love it! Probably because I love the song so much...and Beyonce just looks GREAT! As usual. Dontchu just want to slap her sometimes? In a good way...if there is such thing as a good slap.   Get More: Beyoncé, Music, More Music... READ MORE>>>

A Sad Day For Apple Fans Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Dear Steve Jobs,   Thank you for making the best computers ever!!!! I remember in the 90s I was a PC person! Then I graduated college and a couple of AWESOME friends got together and bought me my first MAC! A blue Clamshell iBook! I was so happy! I still have that computer and it still works though its dated and runs OS9! One day I'm gonna get some geek to take the innards from the latest... READ MORE>>>

Count Down to Beyonce’s Countdown!

  I can not WAIT to see Beyonce's Countdown video. Its by far my favorite song on her "4" album! I love almost all of the songs on the album but "Countdown" is my fave up tempo (Start Over is my favorite ballad fyi)! Beyonce released a sneak peak of the video paying homage to Audrey Hepburn with her look. I love how she blinks her eyes to the drum pattern! Beyonce is silly as hayell. Is it... READ MORE>>>

*Faint* Rat Bites Woman On Subway Platform

  OH HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYELLLL 2 DA NO!!!!! These rats are getting out of HAND! Its bad enough that theyre EVERYWHERE, but now theyre gonna be biting people!?!!?!? A 20something year old woman was sitting on a bench on the subway platform at the Brooklyn Bridge station waiting for the J Train when a rat peeked out from under the seat and BIT HER FOOT!!!!!!! She had on open toe sandals and I... READ MORE>>>

Trey Songz Likes To Sing About Bottoms

  Soooo....first there was Bottoms Up now theres Nightmares of the Bottom. Trey Songz sure likes to sing about bottoms! Whats the bottom line? Just... READ MORE>>>

Orlando Brown Being Harassed By The Cops

photo via blog.zap2it.com   Actor Orlando Brown, best known as Raven's best friend "Eddie" on Thats So Raven was arrested on Friday for an alleged DUI. Reports are claiming that officers "Pulled him over" for driving without a license plate. When he got out of the car, they smelled alcohol on his breath. His pregnant girlfriend was allegedly in the car so they arrested him for DUI!... READ MORE>>>